I Must Not Tell Lies

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The Point
The Damage
How You Can Help
The Point

Dolores Umbridge: “You know, I really do hate children.”

Some people justify the damage they cause with the results they produce. Ends justifies means, it’s called. God save your soul if you’re part of their plan. They’ll tell you that suffering is a part of life, so suck it up and be grateful that it wasn’t worse.

Some people won’t even acknowledge the damage as damage.

That is how U.S. colleges justify ignoring Title IX to screw over students who are raped on their campuses.

That is how Carnegie Mellon justified denying me any accommodations to cope with the PTSD that they caused me from doing exactly that. That is how they justified continually worsening it over the past four years to the point that I have now been declared disabled and require a service dog just to leave my house.

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Pro-choice/Pro-life Identification

Lots of people will tell you that abortion should be legal, though they personally are pro-life. Logically, all of those people should be called pro-choice, but some of them will tell you no, they’re pro-life. The pro-choice side thinks that’s a contradiction, that people who identify this way just don’t understand what they’re talking about.

I think the difference here is due to how people are defining their views. Pro-choice people are making a purely legal decision. They’re not talking about their plans if they find themselves in that situation; they’re talking about what laws should look like. It’s a political identification, not a declaration of their personal moral code.

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In Dog We Trust

Reason for the Season


You should be. (judgemental bug-eyed stare)
Update: Jesus now has a tumblr and a Facebook.

Welfare for Millionaires

The idea behind cutting corporate taxes during a recession is that the extra money would be reinvested, driving growth and thus hiring more people. That generates economic activity, creating jobs and breaking the recession. If the same business opportunities that exist normally still existed during a recession, this could work, but only if you also assume businesses are more interested in the public good than their own.

What’s missing during a recession is a basic driver of economic activity: demand. Demand drives profit, and that drives growth which means more people will be hired. A tax break increases profit, which ought to create jobs according the the previous logic. But not all profit is the same, even though “marginal differences” would count a tax break the same way it would count a sales revenue increase.

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University Infestations


National infestation. They’re like lice. Shameful.

For people who can’t directly participate in the Carry that Weight project, whether because of disability, being triggered by the rape mattress, or simply not being a student at college, there are many other ways to protest colleges’ lax attitude toward sexual violence. Shown here is one of them: declare an infestation at your school.

Anybody can participate: parents, alums, people in the community living near these places, anyone who objects to the violence. You can tape it to yourself as a sign while you go about your day and/or post it to your profiles. This was made with a meme generator; google your school, choose a picture, upload it, and make your declaration. If you’re fancy, you could photoshop this idea into a school banner, freshman welcoming leaflet, and campus signs. Enjoy.

Alternatively, the phrase #EducatingRapists might better suit your sense of irony and hypocrisy.

This idea is not limited to only school-based violence.

Disability “Privilege”

Disability accommodations tend to be seen as special privileges, as political correctness acting to deliberately lower the bar for people who aren’t qualified and thus shouldn’t be present. Superficially, a person who is not able to perform as required is not qualified, and thus should not be hired or admitted. Changing the parameters in order to account for that person’s deficiency, essentially giving that person “an extra hand” which nobody else is permitted, smacks of special treatment.
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