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CMU’s still at it. They’re sending in more abusers this time, and they still read my blog. This is video of the assholes from the fake crisis center refusing to leave. Mother dearest eventually tells them to go because she doesn’t like her abuse being filmed. Last two times the quacks were here, they told my abusers that there’s no such thing as PTSD, that I just needed to be “hurt” in order to snap out of it, and that “being on the streets” would do me good. That not having transportation to shelters wasn’t any excuse, that not having income to pay for food and meds was a “choice I’d have to make”. Lol.

Here’s my mother in the aftermath admitting it was CMU who called them over “that thing I posted the other day”, ie this.

I wonder, does CMU send a goon squad out after everyone who says something bad about them on the internet? Must be exhausting. Is it just me? Is it because they know they’re liable and need to shut me up?

Still enjoying the scandal, CMU? I complained to UPMC about your abuse. You can’t fuck with me anymore. How about you try crank calling 911 instead? Ah, but that’s a felony, while roping idiots into doing your dirty work for you “absolves” you of responsibility. I’ll send them the tapes if you try for the cops. Do you really want them coming after you, with four years of your trash to fuel it?

But we all know you’re going to kill me in the end, because that’s what this harassment and abuse is about. Too bad you didn’t manage that before you got tied to it. Brush up on your mobbing tactics. If you really cared, you wouldn’t have done that to me in the first place. And if you really cared, you’d fix the damage you’ve done, not make it worse.

All you gotta do is pay up the damage you’re causing me. Till then, I have literally nothing to do but talk about your abuse and die under it. You made sure of that.

Now go do something else monumentally stupid. I got my camera ready.

Addendum: What everyone has done here is a violation of HIPAA, among other egregious violations. Parents, for attempting to forcibly involve themselves; CMU, for forcibly involving themselves and for forcibly involving said abusive parents; UPMC’s “crisis” center, for trading information with said abusive parents who have no business being anywhere near me, and who–if you choose their belief that there actually was a medical emergency–also violated several federal laws for impersonating medical officials during a medical emergency and for not calling EMS, which is deliberate/criminal negligence. CMU gets a nod on that last one too, several times over. How’s that for a working list of lawsuits?

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