Fun + Eye Candy:
Poorly Drawn Lines: Deadpan humor
Baroque Ladies: Fashion
Tastefully Offensive: Unoffensive fun
Black Fashion: Fashion.
Yu+Me:Dream: Comic.
Just Fairy Things: Fairy Court humor.
Hell Yeah Architecture: Fancy buildings.


Thought Provoking:
Brute Reason: Progressive, feminist commentary.
Psychology of Video Games
Mind Hacks: Snippets of psychological research written in an accessible style.
ScienceAlert: Science and research news. (on FB)
Al Jazeera: Journalism focused news
Kisten Sadi: Discussing sexual violence.
Scientific American Mind: A magazine about the science of the mind. (on FB)
From Quarks to Quasars: Space and robots and waterfalls and dirt. Science! (on FB)


These are things I think are worth a look. Not meant to be an endorsement of or agreement with anything found within.

Last updated: 2015-07-06

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