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As usual my “brother” started a fight with my “mother”. They fight all the time. Every other fight is about me, because that’s how abuse works–they start fights about other people so that they can shovel the nastiness elsewhere. It’s a normal event in this house. And as usual, this one was about fake outrage over things that don’t exist: whether I was “ruining their lives” by documenting their abuse here, and whether their names were here.

They just did it again. Listen how they alternately claim that it’s all lies, or that everything I talk about is just “personality differences”–which means everything I’ve said is true. Not to mention that they claim their names were on here.

It’s wrong, they say. Morally wrong. None of my business. This is how abusers justify themselves. “You’re endangering ME”, “you’re the abuser”. No wonder CMU likes them.

It’s none of my business that they abuse me. Lol. That’s the line every abuser tells their victim: It’s our little secret, nobody else would understand–I’ll kill you if you tell anyone.

Nope, no abuse here.

CMU must really enjoy scandals. They’re the ones who told my “family” that I was “lying” about them just like I “lied” about what happened at CMU.

Oh, I should add: I didn’t get my meds or my dog’s meds the last time this happened. This time, because of this fight over things that didn’t exist and that they invented, I don’t get anything for Christmas. No, not big fancy crap I don’t need, but stuff like a coat, like shoes to replace the ones that are falling apart–basic necessities denied by people who spend thousands of dollars a week on themselves, who have 50k to waste on hoarding LITERAL trash every year. These are 1%’ers who won’t buy their disabled daughter replacement shoes and a coat.

I haven’t gotten anything since my birthday because of things like this, and now I don’t even get Christmas for things I need. Lol. But remember, they don’t abuse me. It’s all in my head.

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