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In Dog We Trust

2015-01-15 Comments off

I called to ask for them because Jesus.


Reason for the Season

2014-12-12 Comments off


You should be. (judgemental bug-eyed stare)
Update: Jesus now has a tumblr and a Facebook.

Jesus in a Box

2014-05-21 1 comment

PZ Myers posted a challenged he received from a creationist to explain the physics of light. At the bottom he asks for something I’m sure he believed was as equally ridiculous as he thought the creationist’s challenge was: “take a box into church and have the congregation pray into it, so that when [he] open[s] it, Jesus pops out.”   Read more…

Proof of Jesus

2012-09-15 Comments off

I rescued a lhasa apso/poodle mix.  I was divinely inspired to name him Jesus, and therefore we should all adore His Fuzziness. Some of the images are blurry because Jesus won’t stay still for long enough; he’s a busy guy. Originally posted here. Read more…