The Story

I was assaulted by a Carnegie Mellon employee.

Other students and employees harassed me, brought false charges against me, and tried to get me expelled.

Carnegie Mellon did nothing about any of it, claiming those people did nothing wrong and refusing to give me the accommodations due me by Title IX law. They tried to expel me twice more.

I published it all.

They continued being assholes, denying me most of the accommodations I needed for a further three years. My PTSD deteriorated to the point that it now completely disables me and prevents me from working. It is permanent.

The Office of Civil Rights, which is supposed to discipline schools for this behavior, retaliation, and threats against students, laughed. They violated their own rules and my rights, just as the school did.

CMU retaliated by trying to get my abusive parents to forcibly institutionalize me when they found out I was trying to file charges and talking about the damage they had done to me. Thankfully they failed, but the abuse got worse. That was their intent. That’s what happens when you collude with abusers against their victim. They’ve kept at it.

Fun stuff.

I’m not the only one who’s had this happen.

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