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Must be the Company

2014-10-02 Comments off

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I’m part of the Black Milk clothing fandom. The neat thing about BM is that they do all of their marketing by social media, through their fans—they spend nothing on advertising, as far as I know. It’s all by word of mouth: by FB share, Instagram selfies, and any other love-and-share tool. A few months ago they had a PR fiasco:

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For a socially-driven company, you’d think they wouldn’t make such obvious blunders.

The marketing head, Cam, rectified this error and fully apologized for it. The current problem is that while the main page is now better run, the problems that led their social media team to make this error are still fully entrenched in their officially sanctioned community groups. Those groups are what BM promotes as their selling point: it’s not just clothing you’re buying, you’re also becoming part of this community. We even have a name for ourselves: sharkies. Even though they are officially sanctioned groups, no professional from the company oversees the groups—they’re run by fan volunteers who have no training and no guidelines other than their own judgement. That judgement has turned out to be extremely poor, the same that led to the May fiasco by the company itself.

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