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Thanks assholes


Cmu called my abusive parents, whom they obviously know I now live with because they read this blog, and told them that I was suicidal–because I’m trying to file charges against CMU and their PR can’t have that. The best way to do that? Discredit me by getting me forcibly institutionalized. They told my abusers I’d written about their abuse. That’s the worst thing you can do to an abuse victim, tell their abusers. Thanks, assholes. You just made everything so much worse. Keep on “helping”. They’ve taken the internet. I have no way to get support. They’re taking my medical access. Good job. Wait for the obituary. Go call them again, make things even worse. This is how cmu treats the people who need help: they do the worst thing possible, claiming they want to help, and deliberately make it worse.

Because they don’t want my story marring their PR. They’re the ones who crippled me and caused this, they’re the reason I’m being abused, they’re the reason I can’t get out. So, they correctly reasoned, telling my abusers will cause said abusers to shut me up and cmu’s potential image problem goes away.


You know why. This is about image management, not about “my best interests”. Same as it was years ago, as it always has been. Asinine meddlers. Even if I was still a student there, they’d have no right to say anything to my parents–HIPAA and other privacy shit. I’m now an adult off their campus, and they pull this? Good going assholes.

Also got these



Look at the lies

These people don’t stop


Tried resolve crisis hotline in Pittsburgh. Don’t ever call resolve. They just took my parents side in everything and told them to kick me out, that I lied about my service dog and that they have a right to treat me like this. That I should get over my PTSD, that it’s my fault in not “I’m gettng better”. They refused to listen, said they didn’t need to know any of the background and history, then proceeded to dictate how I should be treating and “curing” my PTSD. Whack-an-asshole today. Apparently “crisis mental health centers” are no different than “crisis pregnancy centers”. Never again. They also claimed that I “choose” to stay in this house, as if I wouldn’t die when I left, as if money grows on trees, as if things don’t cost money, as if I’ll magically be cured and stumble into an abandoned palace in the goddamn woods. That’s their view of consent. Don’t call them if you’re a survivor, they’ll blame you and side with your rapist and abusers. Same thing CMU does, incidentally.

This fucking act


The cops are here

20150603-0519: A friend called the cops to come check up on things. As of right now, I don’t know what the fallout from the above fights will be. Maybe they’ll finally take things seriously, but I doubt that will last for long. More later when it’s not crack oclock in the morning.

20150603-1326: The cops said that they’d make sure my parents didn’t hurt my dog or get rid of her, and said that it would be illegal if they did so. They also said that she is a legit service dog. It’s amazing how many people try to assert laws when they have no idea what they are. I was taken to the hospital for suicidal ideation, but was near immediately released because they realized I wasn’t delusional, mega depressed, or any other kind of “crazy”. They know it’s my abusive situation that’s driving the ideation, and that suicide is a perfectly rational response to that. It’s torture; we don’t blame people for begging torturers to just kill them already. Now, why didn’t CMU call the cops to take me to the hospital? You know why: I’ll keep talking if I get help, but abusers will always move to shut down their victims, and that’s what CMU wanted–they wanted me shut down so that I would permanently go away, and thus their PR problem goes away. Fun, yea? And yet they still piss and moan about how wonderfully they support their students, about how it’s really the students’ fault for not trusting them. This is how they treat people. No real help, no concern for the health and safety of the student, just shut them down to minimize the potential PR damage. They’ve been doing it for decades, and they’re good at the game.

My wonderful family is also threatening legal action against me for the things I’ve posted here, and they’re actually acting concerned about what my triggers are since I’ve put their vile behavior all over the internet. Remember, though, they aren’t concerned about my wellbeing–this is “you’re damaging him, how would you feel if we did this to you?” Well dahling, you already are and are doing much worse. I’m allowed to discuss the abuse you put me through. It’s rather telling that they’re willing to move against me when they’ve told me the last four years that I need to get over what CMU did to me and that suing is making a big deal of it and throwing myself a pity party. Tune sure changed quick when it’s them on the chopping block. How much do they hate me?

It looks like things will return to how they have always been. Maybe they’ll stop being such assholes for a while, but they’ll start up again once they cool off from this round.

I just really don’t see why they’re so upset if there’s nothing wrong with what they’ve done ~~/snark.

2015/06/03-1821: Let me thank you again, CMU, for threatening me with homelessness, death, violence, and more abuse. You seem slightly mad that your bad side is being illuminated here, kinda how my abusive parents threw a fit over the same thing. Gimme a call if you need a friendly shoulder to cry on.

By the way, nobody could believe you fucks acted like you did. Not my doctors, not the cops, not the hospital, not any of my friends. Not even my neighbors. Good going, dipshits.

2015-06-06: Back to “normal”, but worse. Haha. I’m a goddamn psychic. Services start at $200/prediction. How long till we have an encore performance? I’ve no way out. You know how this will end. Try it again, CMU. How well has being complicit in abuse worked out for you? You only care to put on an act so long as it’s your public reputation on the line. Then it’s back to destruction. You didn’t think I’d get out four years ago, and you didn’t think I’d get out this time either. Thing is, most people aren’t quite the jackasses you are–they know abuse when they see it. You should take some lessons from my fuckass parents, they’ve yet to be caught. How does it feel to be compared to people that abusive? How does it feel to know that they’re the only people who support you?

2015-06-29: When they stole my computer and phone that night, they broke the sound on it and took my headphones too. I can’t block them out any more. Guess how much more often they make sure to hear all the rape cases on the news, make rape jokes, and talk about getting “therapy fish” because they’re all so traumatized by my behavior. They deny that they took my headphones, they deny that they broke the sound on my computer. Of course.

Thanks, CMU. Nice bit of planning you did there. You sure did help a whole lot. Just like you always do.

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