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Their Names


Kindly keep in mind that anything posted here is nothing more than an account of what they chose to do of their own free will. A simple account is far less than what they deserve, and far from the callous treatment I suffered at their hands.

It seems that rapists and their enablers are held to no account for their crimes. They are not ostracized, they are not fired, they are not given so much as a disapproving side eye. Carnegie Mellon seems to welcome such people with open arms, and leave them to their hobbies no matter how much damage they cause. So we’ll play along with how you all act and let it be known that the following people are “perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human” beings. Let’s see you respond: do you get bent out of shape about the false privacy concerns for what these disgusting people admit to in their own words? Or do you actually disapprove of rape and harassment, not just pay the idea lip service, and so will demand change and reparation from the damage CMU has done? Will you pile on me as CMU has, or will you ostracize the people responsible for crippling me and god knows how many other people?


Screenshot 2015-03-30 at 17.21.25

He doesn’t live there anymore. Jackass didn’t even put the date on there right.

That is the apology of a self-described anti-rape feminist. I really don’t give a shit if you agree with feminist politics, but you should know enough about it to recognize how goddamn awful of an apology that is for someone who uses that label.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only bullshit defense Chris Niessl tried to pull.

Screenshot 2015-03-30 at 17.26.07

“You didn’t say no”. He goes straight from telling me I was asleep the whole time, that nothing happened, to claiming I was fully conscious and capable of consenting to sex. There’s some classy fucking logic. This is coming from a person who’s supposedly professionally trained in logic systems–he was a computer science graduate. You wouldn’t believe he tried that shit if I hadn’t had it in writing. From a self-described male feminist, remember. This isn’t supposed to be how feminists–or any decent person–determines consent. People aren’t supposed to reinvent history on the fly, changing it as it suits their selfish desire to stay out of trouble. This is how abusers think. This is how rapists work. Nothing is foolproof, nobody is safe, nothing is too low a blow.

Screenshot 2015-03-30 at 19.16.06

We called him Casper because he’s the FRIENDLY ghost. Hahahaha. You sure you ain’t afraid of no ghost?

I wasn’t the first and I wasn’t the last person Chris Niessl raped. Yes, raped–all sexual violence is rape, the same way that all clashes ending in death are called murder. No more of this idiotic nitpicking between watered-down terms trying to argue that “some” kinds don’t cause enough legitimate damage so that you can excuse your rapist friends and pretend that every victim you hear about doesn’t *really* count. Pull your head out of la la land and join the rest of us in cruel reality. I’ve been a resident of this cesspit for four fucking years, courtesy of this jackass.

by Neelabh Banerjee no to rape. “just a hand” and “just a grope” can be as traumatic as “legitimate rape”. It’s whether people support you afterwards that plays the largest part in how much damage you’ll sustain.

CMU knows all about it. He was their employee, remember. I don’t know if he still is. I do know he installed a “security camera” in his room after 2011, so anyone who had the misfortune to be there had their sex without consent. There’s some more pervert charges and potential revenge porn. That’s the second pervert recording people at CMU this year, in addition to their employee convicted for child porn. CMU knew he was still an active rapist, and they didn’t give a flying fuck just like most everyone else–just like lots of you–won’t. What’s a bunch of sex offenders if they can ignore them all, knowing people won’t care even if it comes out?

He’s not the only person to try a shitty fauxpology. Here is Ashlie Prioleau, admitting to what she did to me, still stalking me two years after the fact. This is long after I posted the first round in my fight against CMU, so she’s well aware of what she stood accused of. She was the CA for my dorm building, the person who cheated with my roommate on another friend of mine, and the one who pulled the fake suicide. Last I heard, she’s employed in college administration somewhere in DC. Before that, she was immediately hired by CMU right after waht she did to me. CMU was fully aware that she faked a suicide while she was high and drunk with her “sex toy of the week” (Ashlie’s words, not mine), Kalpana Iyengar (the roommate who harassed me and is in part responsible for the PTSD). They also claimed that I tried to kill Kalpana.

Screenshot 2015-04-03 at 15.42.54

This is in 2013, long after my first battle with CMU, so she is fully aware of everything she stands accused of. She admits to everything she did. She still harasses me today. Take a good look at the minimization of everything she did, too.

They didn’t get in trouble for either the fake suicide or the fake murder claim, not even a slap on the wrist. They both graduated with no penalty and Ashlie was hired by CMU before she graduated. *I* was the one told that I’d be expelled if I “caused trouble” again, if I was “involved” with those people again. Because it was clearly my choice and my desire that they harass me. The CMUPD and CMU admin refused to allow me to file a formal report of harassment, and dismissed the claims I’d already made against them as “without merit”–despite having been told from the mouths of both bitches themselves that they faked a suicide and faked a murder threat.

Screenshot 2015-03-31 at 18.16.55 suicide

Her mother knew she was gay. It wasn’t news. And I wasn’t the party who sent the email, just the one roped into dealing with the fallout. What was news was all the drugs and alcohol, the blacked-out driving and failing her classes. That was the concern expressed in the email.

For revenge, they made these claims. PETTY REVENGE. By her own mouth she admits she made it up to cause trouble. And this suicide shit was less than 12 hours after they claimed I tried to kill Kalpana. CMU did nothing, went on to hire her, and kept believing her and punishing me. They kept believing that I made threats, despite this admission right from their mouths. Two students attempt to falsely get another expelled, and it’s the victim that CMU threatens to expel. Not the vicious cunts who orchestrated it. Not the cunts harassing a student for being a rape victim.

But remember, retaliation, expulsion, and being in danger isn’t a good enough reason to delay filing a complaint with OCR on your school. Being in too poor health to deal with legal hoopla isn’t reason enough to grant a waiver.

Kalpana Iyengar was complicit in the harassment, the fake suicide, and the false murder threat. They made it all up so that they could harass me in style from a hotel room all to themselves, allowing them to smoke weed, drink and fuck as blatantly as they wanted. Ashlie had a reputation to protect, so she couldn’t do those things in her own dorm where people would find out she was not the person she pretended to be.

Ashlie and Kalpana are both in DC right now. How much you wanna bet they're back together and cheating on whoever Ashlie is

Like I said, a sex toy. Ashlie and Kalpana are both in DC right now. How much you wanna bet they’re back together and cheating on whoever Ashlie is “publicly” with right now? She had a habit of proposing to everyone she was “with”, complete with ring, so not even a “fiance” would be exempt from this kind of treatment. It was never legal to get married, was the only problem. Ashlie’s done this to everyone she’s dated. She’s claimed she’s changed to every one of them who found out about her past. This is the kind of person CMU put in charge and believed over me.

Threats to kill someone? All Ashlie. She’s well known for that kind of violence. She’s done that stuff since grade school. Fights, harassment, you name it. She has a long record of violence and bullying that she only cleaned up during junior and senior year.

Screenshot 2015-03-30 at 17.26.12 casper mike

Kalpana is speaking in the first part. “Mike” is Ashlie, making threats of bodily harm to people. She’s the one who suggested that I “beat the shit out of Kalpana” because fighting “is how you get over it”. Ashlie was constantly in trouble for fights during grade school. She only ever cleaned up her act in the last two years of high school. But I make shit up, right?

CMU knew that Ashlie deliberately made up the suicide, and yet they still punished ME for thinking a friend was in danger. Good going assholes.

There’s an extra special bit of nastiness in here from Kalpana.

Screenshot 2015-03-31 at 18.16.09 suicide laugh

Like I said, she was in on the game. It was funny to her. What a succinct appraisal of her character. And a great contradiction to how “distressed” Ashlie claimed to be by the supposedly “devastating” revelations in that third-party email to her mother.

But remember, I’m the one who makes shit up, I’m the one lying for attention. I was the vindictive one who deserved to be threatened by the CMUPD and threatened multiple times with expulsion. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve a waiver on an arbitrary fucking expiration limit, because none of this trash should have been cause for concern in the first place.

Hahahahaha. Ha.

Spreading blatant falsehoods and smearing people? That’s Kalpana. I’ve heard tell she’s currently in DC, for a PhD in chemistry after refusing to get a job for three years. The boor was dumb enough to go through my linkedin profile after she updated all her details. Real smart. Georgetown University, are you sure you want this person affiliated with you? You should know she cheated in a bunch of her senior classes; Ashlie gave her all the work and she copied it right from her. Their professors caught them. CMU knew and didn’t do shit about that either. So much for that “honor code” and the spittle about their “high quality students”.

Screenshot 2015-03-31 at 16.48.17cma conv block

It’s people like her who help ensure rapists’ victims are silenced, thereby making sure the status stays quo, thereby ensuring the supply of victims stays full and compliant. Who’s gonna tell her she should have known better than to act like an entitled little snot all over the internet?


Click to embiggen. Kalpana didn’t even have the class to give a reason for spreading my assault around. Integrity? Class? Morality? She’s never heard of them. And yes, I am ticked that she spread personal information. I had so much going on back then that this crap didn’t register enough relative pain to warrant a reaction.

Speaking of hypocrisy and excusing your asshole friends, none of this would have happened if people had been minimally decent and stopped being friends with said rapists instead of allowing them to keep hanging around. That’s how rapists turn into serial rapists, by being defended, excused, and allowed to continue their behavior. That’s how assholes help rapists continue their hobbies. Delete the both of them and you stop this from happening.

Jeannine and Ariel are the people in charge of the sexual assault advisors (SAA) program.

Jeannine and Ariel are the people in charge of the sexual assault advisors (SAA) program.

This is discussing a disciplinary case against a student who was a mandatory reporter (had to file an incident report if he was told of sexual violence). He was accused of failing to report a specific case. What’s not said is that this failure to report was the norm for him. He didn’t report mine and at least one other case because the rapists were friends of his. I’m told that this student is Ismail Smith, famed “male feminist”. As said here, he blackmailed CMU into dismissing his case with the info that CMU regularly did nothing about rapes on campus when they were informed of incidents. We’ll ignore the fact that CMU is being hilariously hypocritical for attempting to expel a student for “failing to report” when they’ve done that and worse to so many other students.

I told OCR about these coverups, but they obviously didn’t give a fuck. Destroying lives has an expiration date.

CMU and at least one student routinely did nothing about known rapists. Routinely hired and stayed friends with them, outright assisted these people in destroying students’ lives. Routinely assisted known violent abusers against their victims. What the fuck has to be so backward about you that you can justify feeding people to rapists and abusers?

Well, nothing, really. Most people roll out the red carpet for them.

If you’re a lawyer, you know where to find my contact info. My parents are not supportive of me and so I have no money to pay a retainer. I need help.

I’ve also written an open letter to both CMU and the politicians who allow this to continue. Please share it to bring attention to both my case and to these Title IX problems across the country.

If you’d like to fight the people responsible for this, here is their contact info:

Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15289

CMU President Subra Suresh
Email: president@cmu.edu
(412) 268-2200

CMU VP of Education Amy Burkert
Email: ak11@andrew.cmu.edu
(412) 268-5865

CMU Assoc. Vp & Dean of Student Affairs Gina Casalegno
Email: ginac@andrew.cmu.edu
(412) 268-2075

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