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Jesus in a Box


PZ Myers posted a challenged he received from a creationist to explain the physics of light. At the bottom he asks for something I’m sure he believed was as equally ridiculous as he thought the creationist’s challenge was: “take a box into church and have the congregation pray into it, so that when [he] open[s] it, Jesus pops out.”  

Now, everyone knows you don’t test Jesus. Jesus tests you. That’s throughout the entire bible. Here’s what Jesus thought of this request:



Jesus is not amused.


However, she didn’t have any smiting on the agenda, so she decided what the heck, let’s humor the puny mortal. Because we can’t mail living matter through the post and Jesus doesn’t break laws, the best you’re getting is a photo.



What is this preposterous “popping” of which you speak??


If you remember Old Testament Jesus, you’ll remember it was prophesied that Jesus would return. This is that return, as New Testament Jesus.



Prophecy fulfilled.


You ought to know that Jesus can do all things, including pop out of a box. I’ll be taking that tithe now.

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