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Proof of Jesus


I rescued a lhasa apso/poodle mix.  I was divinely inspired to name him Jesus, and therefore we should all adore His Fuzziness. Some of the images are blurry because Jesus won’t stay still for long enough; he’s a busy guy. Originally posted here.

For comedic value, I’d like to ask people if they believed in Jesus. If the person said that I couldn’t call my dog Jesus or if they said “no”, I’d ask in exaggerated confusion, “Why not? He’s right there, he answers to Jesus, therefore he’s Jesus! I wouldn’t go telling you I don’t believe in you.” I’d also get to poke fun at non-Christians with the same line. The most entertaining part was converting all the atheists to “Jesus followers”. So, because I believe in Jesus, therefore I’m the most Christian person on earth.

Jesus likes to give kisses.

Proof that he is indeed Jesus.

I am the LORD: Jesus surveying his domain.

Logic: Jesus follows me, therefore I must be God.

Some skills must come with practice.

Waterwalking didn’t go too well.

we adore thee, fuzzy!

His Fuzziness.

I had to give him up recently. So, technically, I’m now more atheist than anybody else as well as having been more Christian than most people. I do get to visit him, so there will be “the return of Jesus”. To fill the void he left, I got myself a stuffed Jesus….and I still tell people the same things I did with the live Jesus, because really that’s what believers do–have a religious symbol instead of the actual god(s).

Revelations: even though Jesus is gone for now, he can come back. There could be another incidence of Jesus. He may not look the same, but he could be back.

As predicted, Jesus has returned.

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