Nazi Christians

Were the Nazis Christian?

Everyone thinks they have the simple, absolute answer to this question. Finding the answer isn’t complicated. It’s the question that’s tripping everyone up.  Read more…

Solving the campus rape “problem”

There’s an idea going around that schools don’t have sexual assault resources for victims. That’s completely wrong. The resources are there. There are infinite ways that administration can help their students. The problem is that they don’t want to provide that help, because it’s far better for the school to silence the victim or to force them out.

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Fighting Words

JT of Patheos put voice to the trend that any discussion of hot-button issues always seems to spiral downhill:

“Not only are they wrong, they must also be malicious or have some sort of agenda against something or someone that led to their wrongness….Now, this isn’t to say that agendas and assholes don’t exist – they most certainly do…Often from atheists and believers alike we seem more interested in tearing down our opponents by trying way harder to paint our opponents as evil people and getting around to deconstructing their arguments second (if at all).”

This tendency is a result of the fundamental attribution error: we judge another’s character, and therefore their intent, based on their actions; we judge our own character based on our intent, not the outcome of our actions. It’s a judgement error caused by the inability to know another’s mind. The only information we have about another person is how they act, and what they tell us about how they act; when the two conflict, we often go with how the person acts. A person who acts badly is indistinguishable from a person who is malicious. The two are the same thing for purposes of everyday character judgement. Read more…

Jesus in a Box

PZ Myers posted a challenged he received from a creationist to explain the physics of light. At the bottom he asks for something I’m sure he believed was as equally ridiculous as he thought the creationist’s challenge was: “take a box into church and have the congregation pray into it, so that when [he] open[s] it, Jesus pops out.”   Read more…

Bisexuality: Orientation of Iniquity

One of the claims about bisexual people—more broadly, about anyone who identifies with attraction to more than one gender/sex of people—is that they’re unfaithful, that they can’t maintain a monogamous relationship without cheating with the “other gender”. Read more…

More stories from CMU: the suicidal kind

This is copy/pasted, reprinted, whatever the term is from 

The happy mask: Carnegie Mellon must address stress culture


by Katie Chironis

Proof of Jesus

2012-09-15 Comments off

I rescued a lhasa apso/poodle mix.  I was divinely inspired to name him Jesus, and therefore we should all adore His Fuzziness. Some of the images are blurry because Jesus won’t stay still for long enough; he’s a busy guy. Originally posted here. Read more…


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